Charter of Rights and Responsibilities

I, Brian Bigger, believe that Members of Council for the City of Greater Sudbury are obliged to ensure that every elected official is dedicated to the task of city building in order to have an effective and progressive city. To that end, Council must work together constructively, progressively and in the best interest of the City of Greater Sudbury.
Building on the success of the Vaughan Accord, I have developed a Charter to be signed by all Members of Council, including the Mayor, to bind Council as responsible stewards of the City’s finances, assets, services, public places and natural environment. In essence, it is to ensure that Council acts in the best interest of the City.
This pledge shall become the basis of a motion to be accepted and moved as a bylaw governing actions and conduct as Members of Council.
This is my solemn pledge, and will be my first act as Mayor for the City of Greater Sudbury