A City for Arts

Art and Culture are the soul of a city, it’s what makes a city more than a cluster of people and buildings.

The Arts have a recognized far reaching economic value to the community and investing in the arts benefits us all.

Creativity and innovation have been keys to Canadian success and it turns out that creative activities like painting and music are linked to technological progress. The two go hand in hand. Almost all scientists that win the nobel prize also do creative activities like painting, playing an instrument or writing poetry. And many important inventions are based on innovations by artists – from mico-sutures adapted from the fine tools and threads used in lace making, to microchips that are made using methods developed by etchers, silk-screeners and photo lithographers. Even the encryption used in many of todays cell phones was invented by a composer and an actress, inspired by the structure of piano music. When we encourage creative activity we plant the seeds for innovation.

The arts allow us to connect, communicate and celebrate with each other. From photography and literature, to drama and dance, to music and paintings, the arts are able to touch us , motivate us, inspire us, and round us as individuals. The arts are what define us and add to our quality of life.

A thriving arts sector creates a ripple effect of benefits throughout the community.
Sudbury has a vibrant arts community. You can see their passion in the projects that they are pushing forward.
Projects like Place des Art, the Downtown Indie Cinema and The Franklin Carmichael Art Gallery. These are 3 major projects our arts community has taken on, and I am confident in their success because they all began as grass roots projects and found wider community support to move them forward.
As Mayor, I will champion these efforts. I will continue the tradition of the ‘Mayors Celebration of the Arts’ to help encourage these initiatives.

I will invite Sudbury’s various arts groups, to come together to form a joint advisory panel for the Arts, to work together to achieve our common goals;
To build a solid plan of action for the Arts and Culture in Sudbury; and to raise awareness of our accomplishments.

I will help the Arts Community leverage the funds you need to continue the great momentum you have begun.
Together we can build a future that will allow the arts to shine as the soul of Greater Sudbury.

Brian Bigger